Month: May 2022

Backup azure

Microsoft’s Cloud platform is under heavy development and being offered in more versions. While the latest offering by Microsoft is the Business Portal, many companies are opting for the free Cloud suite: Microsoft Business Intelligence (MBI), Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft SharePoint Professional, and Microsoft Dynamics GP. The free tools are being offered to businesses as

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Backup and disaster recovery

Disaster recovery refers to a group of processes, tools and policies to allow the continued recovery or successful continuation of critical technological infrastructure, information and system resources after a natural or man-made disaster. The recovery process is used to replace lost data, restore normal business operations and return the organization to a normal state as

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Automatic cloud backup

The automatic cloud backup service offers two essential benefits to any company. The first of which is cost effectiveness. With this service, you save money because the service provider does not need to do anything. All the work is done for you by others, so there is no need for staff to be sent to

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