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Welcome to the bkup.org website, this is an informational website related to backup, you can find here lots of information about current backup files, and we adding new backup-related articles over time.

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  • Data backup.
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Under our blog you can find a list of articles that cover a lot of fields related to backup, it can be useful to people that new to the field and also to experts.

It does not matter if you are looking for information regarding PC backup, Cloud backup, mobile backup, or Servers-related backup you can find it in our blog section.

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Backup Services:

Our services can direct you to professional services that can help you with the backups process, we are in contact with 3rd party companies that are the best in their backup field to provide you the best backup service in the market.

It can be for your company, as a hardware backup or advanced backup software and backup methods.

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