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Microsoft's Cloud platform is under heavy development and being offered in more versions. While the latest offering by Microsoft is the Business Portal, many companies are opting for the free Cloud suite: Microsoft Business Intelligence (MBI), Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft SharePoint Professional, and Microsoft Dynamics GP. The free tools are being offered to businesses as a trial run to gauge their performance and determine if cloud-based solutions can work for their organizations. Microsoft's paid solutions are also gaining momentum and getting more widespread reviews and recommendations from experts.

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The cloud environment has brought with it a whole set of benefits and perks that businesses find appealing. The first one is cost-effectiveness. It is common knowledge that small businesses cannot afford to have a dedicated IT department on their payroll. So many of them are now opting for cloud-based backup applications and services. The added advantage here is that businesses will be able to make sure that their data is always protected, no matter what.

Another benefit is the security and privacy of the data. Most cloud applications are highly secure and therefore data can be accessed only by authorized personnel or servers. This prevents hacking and theft of business data and accounts. Security is another major concern for any business that tends to store a lot of information. Enterprises nowadays are also more interested in protecting their mobile apps, enterprise mobility, and other aspects that help them run a leaner and more efficient business.

backup azure

There are a lot of benefits that cloud services offer. One of these is the ability to manage multiple servers using the same password. Another advantage is the ability to scale up or down your cloud infrastructure, depending on your current usage. This is also very helpful to businesses that need to increase their usage at a later date. Microsoft Business Portal already comes with several cloud-based services such as the Financial Management System and Microsoft Dynamics GP.

The cloud offers another big advantage that is not yet discussed much. That is the availability of any application. Allowing customers to access your application from any place in the world is very advantageous for your business. The availability of any application is one of the biggest attractions of the cloud. You do not have to worry about application availability and security issues anymore. This is also a huge advantage to small enterprises that do not have the money or manpower to invest in application development.

Another major advantage for using cloud services is the increased scalability. With a well-built infrastructure, you can start up one microservice and connect it to multiple microservices hosted on the cloud. You can also connect several microservices to the same database and use that database to back up your data. This is a very useful feature for businesses that need to scale up and down the availability of their application. For instance, if your business has ten microservices, each microservice can back up its own data and can scale to hundreds of gigabytes.

When you start using a cloud service, there are some things that you have to consider. One is the level of security provided by the cloud service provider. There are some unscrupulous cloud service providers that leak information and have compromised systems. A well-secured cloud will keep your data safe and secure. It will also protect against hackers, ensuring that your applications and data are always available.

As you start using a cloud service, you can also benefit from a lot of features that an in-house system usually cannot offer. Such features include load balancing, real-time backups, auto failover, and more. It is not difficult to set up a backup of your application in the cloud, once you have the tools and infrastructure to make it work.

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