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In computer technology, there is a data backup, also called data backup, an image of computer data stored elsewhere and taken back to create the original once a data loss occurrence. The verb form, relating to this process, is\" Backup\", while the adjective and noun form is \"recovery\". This image file is transferred over networks for use in restoring the system. This recovery can happen at any point during the time the system is turned off and on again, so that the process of restoring can be started even if the hard drive is physically broken. It is not only computer data that can be recovered from these methods; other data such as word and audio/video data and even personal information can be recovered.

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When disaster recovery is applied to data backup, the disaster recovery occurs when the actual backup is no longer functional. There is another option to this; in a disaster recovery plan, it will simply mean creating a copy. It will not be necessary to take physical possession of the backup media. For instance, in an email system, the emails themselves can be copied and sent to off-site email servers. If all else fails, the backup will still be available.

The data backup storage that is utilized is either on-site (in the case of email) or off-site (for other types of data storage). It is placed in a protected location that is highly secured. The reason for this is to protect the contents from theft and fire. It is not only important to protect the actual media from theft, but also the drivers and applications that are written to that media. It is also not safe to store the contents of these drives on a normal PC or laptop as they can be infected by viruses.

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Data backup software can be utilized to create backups. These backups can be saved in the user's home directory or on external drives. In the latter case, users have the option to schedule their backups to occur at specific times or intervals. The number of scheduled backups will depend on the size of the data set to be restored. Most providers offer a reasonable range of options, such as the number of days, hours, or minutes for recovery.

This is another type of data recovery and it involves restoring a backup to an earlier date. Many times, companies will utilize a restore function when new technology is introduced into a business. When this restore option is used, users will be able to access previous versions of certain files if they were not able to view them previously. The restore software is not the primary component to successful data backup recovery; it is often combined with a restore point.

A backup recovery process can also be called a failover procedure. What this means is that one or more computers will be functioning normally but will fail at a time due to a natural catastrophe or adverse weather conditions. Users will select a specific computer that will be restoring data. At that time, all data will be backed up to the secondary or off-site storage location. In the event of a successful recovery, the company will be restored to a functional status.

Real-time Protection. RPO (root plan) refers to real-time protection of servers, applications, and storage capacity. This is achieved by having a server or application responding to the time events that causes data loss. The events that could result in data loss include application failure, power outage, data transfer failure, or natural disasters. With an RPO solution, users can ensure that backups are always protected.

Tape Backup. A tape backup, also known as incremental backup, is done using a regular CD or DVD. Using these types of media, a business can make copies of files onto an off-site storage facility. These tapes can then be backed up to a remote data center through the internet or telephone line.

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