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A remote, offsite, or managed backup service, at times sold as cloud backup or online backup, is a method which offers computer users a means for backing up their data that reside on remote servers. Remote backup services are usually offered by remote computing companies to end users. In this case, the client computer is connected to the Internet and its own backup system is in place. The data is stored on servers and then transferred either by email or over the Web to the client's computer.

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Online backup is a way of backing up data that resides on a remote site. The benefit here is that it does not involve expensive set ups. However, it can be more difficult to restore data once it has been backed up. The reason for this is that a provider must be able to access the remote site in order to perform the actual backup operation.

Another option is to use a software application. These programs are designed to allow the user to upload the information to a remote storage device that is accessible by the provider's staff. Once the data has been uploaded, the user can then access the storage device from anywhere in the world and have access to all of their backed up information. This is convenient, but if the provider's staff cannot access the storage device, then the backup could be interrupted.

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There are also remote cloud backups available. These providers store backup data in a separate location than where most business data is kept. Because of this location change, the cost is less than traditional on site backup solutions. As with on site backup solutions, providers can perform the actual backup on the remote site or via an internet connection. However, this remote backup is usually less reliable because of the additional access the provider must have.

Virtual private servers are another option for data recovery. Virtual private servers are hosted by remote servers and are therefore very secure. They are typically used by larger companies for their entire data center infrastructure. Although they are more expensive than cloud backups, providers can recover most of the data lost on VPS servers, even when the provider's staff is unable to access the data on the server. In the case of a natural disaster or other reason that the physical storage facility is inaccessible, virtual private servers can be restored after damage has been done to the server.

The three main types of recovery are also the most difficult to use and require the most work to restore. Full backup requires the remote backup provider to completely copy the files and restore them to a different location. Most providers use the incremental method to copy changes rather than making a full copy. Incremental backups also require the provider to apply the changes to the remote system as they are made, rather than waiting for the end of the full backup to apply the changes.

The incremental backup method of recovery works when an IT team is available at the location where the files are located. It is the easiest recovery method and is often performed before the provider restores the files to the provider's site. There are benefits to this method. First, it guarantees that changes will be applied to all areas of the storage system. Second, the service will provide updates automatically whenever necessary, which can eliminate the need for IT personnel to manually check for updates.

The last major type of recovery method for data loss is encryption. Encryption is used to secure all data that is provided to the service provider and to guarantee confidentiality and safety. Public cloud service providers usually offer encryption as part of the service and often provide two-way encryption. However, remote storage clients may choose to utilize encryption at the time the files are backed up or only when the files are stored locally.

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