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Restore backup is a feature of windows which is more than just useful. It allows you to save all your working files and system settings into an image file. This image file can then be used on another PC by restoring the settings from the backup. This is one of the main reasons that most people opt for windows vista over previous operating systems.

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There are many ways to backup your system. You could use disk images, or even the built in windows data backup program, known as DBS (do not delete). Another option would be to use a software product such as Advanced Exchange Recovery. When choosing which restore backup program to use, it is important to look at the features that are available and how they will work together in order to achieve the best result. Some restore software may be able to backup your whole drive, or just some of it, while others are limited to just certain parts of it.

Many people find that they need to perform restore backups on a regular basis. This is when windows repair becomes necessary. If your computer is slow to boot up, or if a virus has corrupted important files you will need to restore your system. The first thing that you should do when you encounter problems with your pc is to download a good registry cleaner software to perform a restore.

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There are many products available online. Many of them claim that they will perform a restore but then fail to do so. It is therefore very important to research the different products available and select a reliable one. You should read reviews of different pc repair software programs and look at what other users have to say about them before you buy one. Once you have found the software that you believe will perform a restore correctly then you can start backing up your system.

The restore backup functionality within windows is built in to the operating system. All that you need to do is to copy all of your data to a disc and then restore it. You should be sure that you create a backup of all of your documents and important applications as this can be crucial if anything happens to your system. If anything goes wrong, it is very difficult to retrieve any of your data.

When performing a restore backup you should always make sure that you leave all personal settings alone. This includes such options as the programs that you are using, the internet sites that you surf and also your email messages. It would be extremely easy to accidentally restore some information that is no longer on the disk. Therefore you should be very careful not to change any of your settings while performing a restore.

After you have performed a restore, you should be certain to save all of your work to a new disc. You should not attempt to restore your data if you are currently working on something. Make sure that you extract the information from your backup prior to saving anything else. Once you have extracted your data, you should proceed to copy it to a CD or other storage device. You can then proceed to install the software on your computer in order to make sure that the restore is working properly.

Some people think that it is best not to perform a restore at all. They will attempt to do it themselves in an effort to get their system back up and running. This is never a good idea because if something does go wrong with the backup, you will find it extremely difficult to retrieve any information. The restore feature was put into place to protect you in this situation. If you perform a restore backup regularly, you will be able to keep any important information safe.

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